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Hayk HarutyunyanAssociate Professor

Awards and Honors

CNM Distinguished postdoctoral fellow, Argonne National Laboratory (2012)


Ph.D., University of Pisa, 2009


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Research Area

Experimental condensed matter physics, nanoscience, optics, material physics.

Research Interests

Nanophotonics group studies the interaction of light with nanoscale matter. When light interacts with low-dimensional systems, new optical phenomena can arise because of the reduced dimensionality. We exploit these new possibilities to enhance, control and characterize the optical properties and the energy flow at nanoscale.

In particular, we are interested in how the materials’ shape, composition and nonlinearities can influence the electromagnetic phenomena in temporal, spatial and spectral domains.

Understanding the optical interactions in nanometric systems is important for creating better and faster optoelectronic and information processing devices, health applications and imaging. Our current research projects include metal plasmonics, graphene photonics and nonlinear optics.