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Spiral Triangles

A simple way to make interesting spirals. See the bottom of the page for links to other simple algorithms like this one.
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NOTE: I also wrote a page about mathematical spirals (Archimedes' Spiral, etc).

I learned this idea from George Francis when I took his Math 198 class (which, from his web page, it looks like he is still teaching; it's a good class, I recommend it).

The basic idea is to start with a triangle, interpolate to find a point a fraction of the way down a side, draw a line to this point, and use that point as the new corner for the triangle. This will make a picture that looks like this:

Here's the simple awk script that made that picture:

BEGIN { ee = 0.08; x1=0; y1=0; x2=10; y2=0; x3=5; y3=5*sqrt(3); print x1,y1,x2,y2,x3,y3,x1,y1; for (t=0;t<100;t++) { x4 = ee*x2 + (1-ee)*x3; y4 = ee*y2 + (1-ee)*y3; print x4,y4; x3=x2; y3=y2; x2=x1; y2=y1; x1=x4; y1=y4; } } ' | psdraw -l 0.1 -X - - - 10 >

The variable "ee" is the scale factor used to determine how tight the spiral is.

The program psdraw is a utility I wrote to make simple postscript plots. Click here for more information on psdraw.

Since psdraw can handle colors, I could make the following picture:

That was made with this script (using "gawk" to handle trig functions):

gawk ' BEGIN { ee = 0.02; x1=0; y1=0; x2=10; y2=0; x3=5; y3=5*sqrt(3); print x1,y1,0,0,0; # black outline print x2,y2,0,0,0; print x3,y3,0,0,0; print x1,y1,0,0,0; for (t=0;t<100;t++) { x4 = ee*x2 + (1-ee)*x3; y4 = ee*y2 + (1-ee)*y3; print x4,y4,sin(t/4),0,cos(t/4); x3=x2; y3=y2; x2=x1; y2=y1; x1=x4; y1=y4 } } ' | psdraw -l 0.1 -X - - - 10 -C >

Of course, if you write a computer program you can do some more powerful things (such as the picture at the top of the page). I just put in the awk scripts to emphasize how simple this algorithm is. I wrote a C program that fills the triangles, and makes six in a pattern. This program made the picture at the top, and made the following pictures:

Click here to get a copy of this C program. To compile, use "cc -o spiral spiral.c -lm".

NOTE: I just added a page about mathematical spirals (Archimedes' Spiral, etc).

Hey, someone linked to this web page! There is a French web page with lots of math resources that put in a link to this page.

Click here to learn how to convert PostScript pictures to GIF.


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This page created August 27, 1996.

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