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1. Converting PostScript to other formats - tutorial 5. Simple PostScript commands - tutorial
2. Simple way to make PostScript pictures - a program 6. More PostScript commands - tutorial
3. Using PPM to make high-quality color pictures - tutorial & program 7. Color PostScript - tutorial & color chart program
4. Printing data in PostScript format easily - a program ?? 8. Links & Topics which I might add later: give me feedback!

8. Links & Future topics I might add to this page.

First Guide to PostScript

Internet PostScript Resources maintained by Aaron 'Wigs' Wigley

Let me know which of these topics you might be interested in seeing:

I may add some of these later, but if there is interest I may add them sooner.

If you find anything here useful, let me know to encourage me to put more of this sort of information up here; my email address is below.

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Eric R. Weeks
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Emory University
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