This bibliography is divided in to four parts (two of which are subdivided) as follows:
  1. Introduction — this page
  2. Works of Theodore Sturgeon
    1. Books — including novels and short story collections
    2. Fiction
    3. Non-Fiction
  3. Plays and Adaptions — Sturgeon’s plays, film novelisations and scripts, plus adaptions of his fiction by others
  4. Items About Theodore Sturgeon
    1. Biographies, Interviews and Introductions
    2. Reviews and critisisms of Sturgeon’ novels and stories

The main pages of interest are 2i and 2ii, of course, which are hyperlinked to show where else stories in a book collection have been published and conversely full details of a collection in which a particular story appeared. A new addition in this version of the listing is that from the Fiction page you can now click on the book or magazine in which a story first appeared and see a contents list and cover scan.

This bibliography is the work of a large number of people (I’m merely a conduit) but the four principle sources are:

Indeed Phil Stephesen-Payne has been especially helpful recently in responding to my questions and providing cover scans for some of the hard to find magazines.

As always, if you should find any errors, omissions or broken links in these pages, or have any information on Theodore Sturgeon and his works you’d like to share please get in touch at

Wm F Seabrook
March 2005