Diffusion of Rods in 3 Dimensions

Ken Desmond, David Kilgore, Vikram Prasad, and Eric Weeks

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For a while, we were studying the rotational and translational diffusion of rods or ellipsoids in 3D -- just in water or water/glycerol mixtures. The goal was to do similar observations in viscoelastic materials to see how the diffusive motions were changed. However, we had difficulties getting reliable orientations in 3D, and after a while we abandoned this project. We may return to it in the future; we still have an interest in studying this sort of rotational and translational diffusion in colloidal glasses. From some of our data, we used POV-Ray to make this movie: click here to view 3D movie. Or, click here to see a 3D movie for red/blue 3D glasses.

See also our movies of diffusing ellipsoids, taken by Ken Desmond.

For more information, please contact Eric Weeks: <weeks(at)physics.emory.edu>