Pictures of the Weeks Laboratory

Emerson Hall 347, 350, and 360, Physics Department -- Prof. Eric R. Weeks

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The above photos show Emerson 350, our "Noran confocal" room. In the top left and bottom pictures, you can see our regular optical microscope on a floating table. The video camera mostly sits unused except when we take lab group pictures. The top right picture shows our old Noran confocal, partially disassembled in this photo. In the top left photo, you can glimpse the corner of our blue couch.

The above photos show Emerson 360, the "VT-Eye confocal" room. The first photo shows James Davidheiser's chaotic fluids experiment on the breadboard slab. The second picture shows our Arryx laser tweezers. The third picture shows our VT-Eye confocal, surrounded by a few beams occasionally used to support experiments above the microscope.

This is a snapshot of a lab bench in the chemistry lab, across the hall from the main lab. This room is actually as big as the other lab room, but it has two fume hoods and two lab benches which take up a fair bit of space.

Some photos of our office space, which is immediately adjacent to the lab rooms. Dandan Chen is in the 3rd photo.

Photo credits: Gianguido Cianci, September 2008 (except for the picture of the chemistry lab, taken by Eric Weeks). Color scheme credit: "Returns" by Kristi (

Older pictures: