Information Technology Support

The Department of Physics staff includes two information technology staff specialists, with expertise in Microsoft, Linux and Mac operating systems and network services.

Machine and Electronics Shops

The Department of Physics at Emory University has a complete machine shop with two staff machinists and an electronics shop with one staff technician. The excellence of the shop staff is one the Department's greatest assets.


Warncke Laboratory. The Warncke laboratory has a 330 sq ft wet lab adjacent to the spectroscopy lab space. The wet lab includes a large stock of chemicals and biochemicals, a fume hood, GE Äkta FPLC, an incubator/shaker, thermal cycler and equipment for site directed mutations, gel electrophoresis apparatus, french pressure cell, vacuum (Schlenk) line, reach-in refrigerator, centrifuge, pH meters, balances, sonicators and other biochemical amenities, as well as house-deionized and "nanopure" water. A fermentation system (New Brunswick BioFlo 110) for growth of bacterial cells and a Beckman J6MC and JS 4.2 rotor for bacterial cell concentration are located in a separate room.

Molecular Biophysics Group. Members of the Molecular Biophysics Group share the "Biophysics Preparation Room". This room contains a Sorvall RC5B centrifuge with GSA and SS-34 rotors, refrigerator, a Schlenk line, pH meters, balances, a laboratory oven, and a glove box (VAC HE-493] with pressure controller and oxygen analyzer. The room also contains a PC-controlled Horiba Jobin-Yvon.


The Chemistry Department is in the Atwood Building, across the street from the Department of Physics in the Mathematics and Sciencer Center building. The Chemistry Department has the following resources:

  1. Emerson center for Scientific Computation
  2. Mass Spectrometry Center
  3. NMR Research Facility
  4. Integrated Microscopy and Microanalytical Facility (with staff-assisted gas chromatography and mass spectrometer facilities
  5. Chemistry Library
  6. Chemistry Supplies Store
The PI is also part of the user group of an isothermal calorimetry (ITC) apparatus.