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Dr. Laura Finzi
400 Dowman Dr.
Math and Science Center
Room: N246
Phone: 404-727-4930
Email: lfinzi@emory.edu
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Transcriptional regulation is a fundamental process for life. Without proper regulation of transcription no organism, plant or animal, eukaryotic or prokaryotic, can survive. We wish to understand the molecular mechanisms and the physical laws that underlie transcriptional regulation. This is multifaceted problem that involves understanding the molecular motors that carry out transcription, or that affect it, as well as the interaction of DNA and regulatory proteins. In turn, DNA is not a passive template. Its mechanical properties underlie the activity of motors as well as the functional conformational changes induced by binding proteins. New techniques and methods of analysis need to be constantly developed to probe this complex interplay between template and machinery. Therefore, we currently investigate the following four research areas.

Genetic Switches

Transcription and related molecular motors

DNA bending and torsional elasticity