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This list was compiled from Sturgeon books I have, the book "Theodore Sturgeon" by Lucy Menger, a list I found on the web credited to John Wenn, and help & corrections from Bill Seabrook.

Books I don't have but I'd like to get: "A Touch of Sturgeon" and "Maturity." Books I do have indicated by a * next to them below.

1948 It 1948 *Without Sorcery (WS) 1950 *The Dreaming Jewels (novel) (aka The Synthetic Man) 1953 *E Pluribus Unicorn (EPU) 1953 *More Than Human (novel) (MTH) 1955 *A Way Home (AWH) 1955 *Caviar (C) 1956 *The King and Four Queens (novelization, based on a story by Margaret Fitts) 1956 *I, Libertine (novel, pseudonym Frederick R. Ewing) 1957 Thunder and Roses (stories taken from A Way Home) 1958 *The Cosmic Rape (novel) 1959 *Aliens 4 1959 *A Touch of Strange (ATOS) 1960 *Beyond (B) 1960 *Venus Plus X (novel) 1961 *Not Without Sorcery (NWS) (8 stories taken from Without Sorcery) 1961 *Some of Your Blood (novel) 1961 *Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (novelization) 1963 *The Player on the Other Side (as Ellery Queen) 1964 *Sturgeon in Orbit (SIO) 1966 *Starshine (S) 1966 *The Rare Breed (novelization) 1966 *The Joyous Invasions (TJI) 1971 *Sturgeon is Alive and Well... (SIAAW) 1972 *The Worlds of Theodore Sturgeon (TWOTS) 1973 *Sturgeon's West (SW) 1973 To Here and the Easel (THATE) 1974 *Case and the Dreamer (CATD) 1978 *Visions and Venturers (VAV) 1978 It (a reprint by The Misfit Press) 1979 *The Golden Helix (TGH) 1979 *The Stars are the Styx (TSATS) 1979 Maturity (limited edition, 750 copies?) 1984 *Alien Cargo (AC) 1986 Pruzy's Pot (limited edition, 500 copies?) 1986 *Godbody (novel) 1987 A Touch of Sturgeon 1987 *To Marry Medusa (contains "The Cosmic Rape" and "Killdozer") 1989 *The [Widget], The [Wadget], and Boff (Tor Double paired with "The Ugly Little Boy" by Isaac Asmiov) 1990 *The Dreaming Jewels/The Cosmic Rape/Venus Plus X (omnibus of these 3 novels) 1993 *Argyll: a memoir (pamphlet published by the Sturgeon Foundation; contains an essay by Sturgeon about his step-father. It is very interesting!) 1994 *The Ultimate Egoist: vol I: The Complete Stories of Theodore Sturgeon (I) 1995 *Microcosmic God: vol II: TCSOTS (II) 1996 *Killdozer!: vol III: TCSOTS (III) 1997 *Thunder and Roses: vol IV: TCSOTS (IV) 1998 *The Perfect Host: vol V: TCSOTS (V) 1999 *Baby is Three: vol VI: TCSOTS (VI) 2000 *A Saucer of Loneliness: vol VII: TCSOTS (VII) 2000 *Selected Stories (SS) 2002 *Bright Segment: vol VIII: TCSOTS (VIII) 2003 *And Now the News...: vol IX: TCSOTS (IX) 2005 *The Man Who Lost the Sea: vol X: TCSOTS (X) 2007 *The Nail and the Oracle: vol XI: TCSOTS (XI) "McClure's" in the list below refers to a newspaper short-story syndicate that bought many of Sturgeon's early work (generally non-sf/fantasy). STORIES YEAR LOCATION Abreaction 1948 III, B, Weird Tales Jul '48 Accidentally on Porpoise 1994 I, prev. unpub. Affair With the Green Monkey 1957 IX, ATOS, Venture May '57 Agnes, Accent and Access 1973 Galaxy, Oct '73 Alter Ego 1994 I, prev. unpub. ...And My Fear is Great... 1953 VII, TGH, AWH And Now the News... 1959 TGH The Anonymous 1995 II, prev. unpub. Artnan Process 1941 II, WS, S, NWS Assault and Little Sister 1961 XI, Mike Shayne's Mystery Mag. Jul '61 August Sixth 1945 1996 III, prev. unpub. Baby is Three 1952 VI, MTH Beware the Fury 1953 VIII, SIO (aka Extrapolation) Bianca's Hands 1947 I, SS, EPU, Argosy May '47 Biddiver 1941 II, Astounding SF Aug '41 Blabbermouth 1947 III, C The Blond with the Mysterious Body 1962 Men, April '62 Blue Butter 1974 MFSF Oct '74 The Blue Letter 1997 IV The Bones 1943 III, B (with James H. Beard) Brat 1941 II, WS, NWS, AC, Unknown Dec '41 Bright Segment 1955 VIII, SS, C, AC Brownshoes 1969 XI, SIAAW (aka The Man Who Learned Loving) Bulkhead 1955 VIII, AWH (aka Who?) Bulldozer is a Noun 1996 III, prev. unpub. Butyl and the Breather 1940 I, WS, NWS, Astounding, Oct '40 Cactus Dance 1954 VIII, Aliens 4, SW Cajun Providence 1939 I, McClure's, July '39 The Call 1939 I, McClure's, Aug '39 Cargo 1940 II, WS, NWS, AC, Unknown, Nov '40 Case and the Dreamer 1973 CATD Cellmate 1947 I, EPU The Chromium Helmet 1946 III The Claustrophile 1956 IX, TSATS The Clinic 1953 VII, TGH Clockwise 1948 VIII, Calling All Boys The Comedian's Children 1958 X, TJI, Aliens 4 Completely Automatic 1941 II, Astounding SF Feb '41 Contact! 1939 I, McClure's, Aug '39 The Country of Afterward 1979 Hustler, Jan '79 Crate 1970 SIAAW A Crime for Llewellyn 1958 X, ATOS Crossfire 1996 III, prev. unpub. The Dark Goddess 1998 V, prev. unpub. The Dark Room 1953 VII, TGH Dazed 1971 TSATS Dead Dames Don't Dial 1956 IX, The Saint's Mystery Magazine, Aug '56 The Deadly Innocent 1956 IX, Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine, (with Don Ward) US Nov '56 / UK Aug '57 Deadly Ratio 1948 IV, EPU (aka It Wasn't Syzygy) "Derm Fool" 1940 I, S, Unknown, Mar '40 Die, Maestro, Die 1949 V, EPU, Dime Detective May '49 (aka Fluke) East is East 1939 I, McClure's, June '39 The Education of Drusilla Strange 1954 VII, TSATS Ether Breather 1939 I, WS, NWS Ex-Bachelor Extract 1939 I, McClure's, June '39 Excalibur and the Atom 1951 VI, Fantastic Adventures, Aug '51 Extraordinary Seaman 1939 I, McClure's, June '39 Extrapolation 1953 VIII, SIO (aka Beware the Fury) Eyes of Blue 1939 I, McClure's, July '39 Farewell to Eden 1951 V, The Time of Infinity (anthol.) Fear is a Business 1956 IX, The Magazine of F & SF, Aug 56 Fit for a King 1939 I, McClure's, June '39 Fluffy 1947 I, EPU Fluke 1949 V, EPU, Dime Detective May '49 (aka Die, Maestro, Die) Ghost of a Chance 1943 III, C (aka Green-Eyed Monster) The Girl Had Guts 1957 IX, ATOS The Girl Who Knew What They Meant 1970 SIAAW A God in the Garden 1939 I, Unknown, Oct '39 Golden Day 1939 I, McClure's, Mar '39 The Golden Egg 1941 II, Unknown, Aug '41 The Golden Helix 1954 VIII, SS, TGH Granny Won't Knit 1954 VIII, TSATS The Graveyard Reader 1958 X, TWOTS, THATE Green-Eyed Monster 1943 III, C (aka Ghost of a Chance) The Hag Seleen 1942 III, VAV (with James H. Beard) Half-Way Tree Murder 1956 IX, The Saint's Mystery Magazine, March '56 The Haunt 1941 II, S, Unknown Apr '41 He Shuttles 1940 I, Unknown, Apr '40 The Heart 1955 I, SIO Heavy Insurance 1938 I, McClure Jul '38 (believed to be Sturgeon's first published story) Helix the Cat 1973 I Her Choice 1939 I, McClure's, July '39 His Good Angel 1939 I, McClure's, May '39 Hold-Up a la Carte 1964 XI, Ellery Queen MM, US Feb '64 / UK June '64 How to Forget Baseball 1964 XI, Sports Illustrated 12/21/64 How to Kill Aunty 1961 X, S The Hurkle is a Happy Beast 1949 V, AWH, Magazine of F&SF, fall 49 Hurricane Trio 1955 IV, AWH I Love Maple Walnut 1974 Harper's, May '74 "I Say...Ernest..." 1973 TGH If All Men Were Brothers Would 1970 XI, CATD You Let One Marry Your Sister? Incubi of Parallel X, The 1951 VI, SIO Ingenious Aylmer 1973 Harper's, Dec '73 It 1940 I, SS, WS, NWS, AC, Unknown Aug 40 It Opens the Sky 1957 X, ATOS It Was Nothing - Really! 1969 XI, SIAAW It Wasn't Syzygy 1948 IV, EPU (aka The Deadly Ratio) It's You! 1969 SIAAW Jorry's Gap 1969 XI, SIAAW The Jumper 1942 II, Unknown, Aug '42 Killdozer! 1944 III, SS, Aliens 4 Largo 1947 IV, B Last Laugh 1951 VI, AWH (aka Special Aptitude) Like Yesterday 1976 Rolling Stone, May 20, '76 Like Young 1960 X, B The Long Arm 1940 I, McClure's, Feb '40 Look About You! 1940 I, Unknown '40 (poem) The Love of Heaven 1948 V, Astounding SF, Nov '48 Mahout 1940 I, McClure's, Jan '40 Mailed through a Porthole 1994 I, prev. unpub. Make Room for Me 1951 VI, SIO (with Rita Dragonette) The Man on the Steps 1940 I, McClure's, Feb '40 The Man Who Figured Everything 1959 X, SW (with Don Ward) The Man Who Learned Loving 1969 XI, SIAAW (aka Brownshoes) The Man Who Lost the Sea 1956 SS, TGH The Man Who Told Lies 2005 X The Martian and the Moron 1949 V, VAV, AC, Weird Tales Mar 49 Maturity 1947 IV, WS, TWOTS Medusa 1942 III, C, AC, Astounding Feb 42 Memorial 1947 III, WS, TWOTS Memory 1948 IV, Thrilling Wonder Story. Aug 48 Messenger 1949 V, Thrilling Wonder Stories Feb 49 Mewhu's Jet 1946 III, AWH Microcosmic God 1941 II, WS, C, AC, Astounding Apr 41 Minority Report 1949 V, AWH, Astounding Jun 49 Mr. Costello, Hero 1958 VII, SS, ATOS The Music 1953 V, EPU The Nail and the Oracle 1965 VAV Necessary and Sufficient 1971 Galaxy, Apr 71 Need 1960 X, B Never Underestimate 1952 VI, If, Mar 52 New York Vignette 2003 IX Night Ride 1960 X, Keyhole Mystery Magazine, Jun 60 Nightmare Island 1941 II, B, Unknown June 41 Niobe 1994 I, prev. unpub. Noon Gun 1963 III, Playboy, Sep 63 A Noose of Light 1994 I, prev. unpub. Not an Affair 1983 MFSF, Oct 83 And Now the News... 1959 IX, TGH Occam's Scalpel 1971 TSATS One Foot and the Grave 1949 V, VAV, Weird Tales Sep 49 One Sick Kid 1939 I, McClure's, Apr 39 The Other Celia 1953 IX, ATOS The Other Cheek 1939 I, McClure's, Apr 39 The Other Man 1956 IX, TWOTS, TSATS The Patterns of Dorne 1970 SIAAW The Perfect Host 1948 V, TWOTS, THATE, Weird T's Nov 48 Permit Me My Gesture 1939 I, McClure's, Mar 39 Place of Honor 1940 I, McClure's, Mar 40 The Pod in the Barrier 1957 IX, ATOS, S Poker Face 1949 II, WS, NWS, AC, Astounding Mar 41 Poor Yorick 1996 III, prev. unpub. Prodigy 1949 V, C, Astounding Apr 49 The Professor's Teddy-Bear 1948 IV, EPU Pruzy's Pot 1972 National Lampoon, June '72 Punctuational Advice 1940 I, McClure's, Feb '40 The Purple Light 1941 II, Astounding SF Jun '41 (as E Waldo Hunter) Quietly 1998 V, prev. unpub. Riddle of Ragnarak 1955 VIII, Fantastic Universe, June '55 (with Don Ward) Ride In, Ride Out 1973 XI, SW (with Don Ward) The Right Line 1994 I, prev. unpub. Rule of Three 1951 VI, TSATS Runesmith 1970 XI, Partners in Wonder (anthology) (with Harlan Ellison) A Saucer of Loneliness 1953 VII, EPU Scars 1949 V, EPU, SW, Zane Grey's May '49 The Sex Opposite 1952 VI, SS, EPU Shadow, Shadow on the Wall 1950 VI, C, AC, Imagination Feb '51 The Sheriff of Chayute 1973 SW Shottle Bop 1941 II, WS, TWOTS, THATE, Unknown Feb 41 The Silken-Swift... 1953 VII, EPU The Singsong of Cecily Snow 1977 Heavy Metal, Oct '77 The Skills of Xanadu 1956 IX, SS, TGH, TWOTS, THATE The Sky Was Full of Ships 1947 IV, TWOTS Slow Sculpture 1970 SS, SIAAW Smoke 1948 VIII, Calling All Boys So Near the Darkness 1955 VIII, Fantastic Universe Science Fiction, Nov '55 Some People Forget 1939 I, McClure's, May '39 Special Aptitude 1951 VI, AWH (aka Last Laugh) The Stars are the Styx 1950 VI, TSATS Strangers on a Train 1994 I, prev. unpub. Strike Three 1939 I, prev. unpub. Suicide 1970 SIAAW Take Care of Joey 1970 XI, SIAAW Talent 1953 VII, VAV Tandy's Story 1961 X, TSATS Thanksgiving Again 1994 I, prev. unpub. That Low 1948 IV, Famous Fantastic Mysteries, Oct '48 There is No Defense 1948 IV, TWOTS, THATE The Waiting Thing Inside 1956 IX, SW (with Don Ward) Three People 1994 I, prev. unpub. Thunder and Roses 1947 IV, SS, AWH Till Death Do Us Join 1998 V, Shock (magazine), Jul '48 Time Warp 1978 Omni, Oct '78 Tiny and the Monster 1947 IV, AWH To Here and the Easel 1954 VIII, SIAAW, THATE To Marry Medusa 1958 TJI, The Cosmic Rape To Shorten Sail 1939 I, McClure's, Sep '39 A Touch of Strange 1958 X, ATOS The Touch of Your Hand 1953 VII, VAV, ATOS, AC, Galaxy Sep '53 The Traveling Crag 1951 VI, VAV, AC, Fant. Adven. Jul '51 Turkish Delight 1939 I, McClure's, Nov '39 Twink 1955 VIII, C, AC, Galaxy Aug '55 Two Percent Inspiration 1941 II, WS, NWS, AC, Astounding Oct 41 Two Sidecars 1995 II, prev. unpub. The Ultimate Egoist 1941 I, WS, TGH, Unknown, Feb '41 Uncle Fremmis 1970 SIAAW Unite and Conquer 1948 V, AWH Vengeance Is. 1980 'Dark Forces' ed. Kirby McCauley The Verity File 1971 Galaxy, May '71 The Wages of Synergy 1953 VII, SIO Watch My Smoke 1939 I, McClure's, Mar '39 A Way of Thinking 1953 VII, SS, EPU A Way Home 1953 IV, AWH Well Spiced 1948 IV, SW Wham Bop 1948 IV, Varsity What Dead Men Tell 1949 V, Astounding SF, Nov 49 When You Care, When You Love 1962 XI, CATD When You're Smiling 1955 VIII, TSATS Who? 1955 VIII, AWH (aka Bulkhead) Why Dolphins Don't Bite 1980 Omni, Feb, Mar, Apr '80 The [Widget], the [Wadget] and Boff 1955 SS, TJI, Aliens 4 Won't You Walk-- 1956 IX, VAV, AC, Astounding Jan '56 The World Well Lost 1953 VII, EPU, S Yesterday Was Monday 1941 II, TGH, Unknown, '41


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