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Ted Sturgeon, pic by W. Sturgeon

You may be looking for The Theodore Sturgeon Literary Trust: the Literary Trust page has information about the new books published by North Atlantic Books, which include some previously unpublished short stories. The TS Literary Trust are the folks who own the copyrights to Sturgeon's work.

NEWS: Paul Williams, the editor of the "Collected Stories", is very ill and can use your help.

All 13 volumes of "Collected Stories..." have been published (July 2011). See The Theodore Sturgeon Literary Trust page for more info. See also interesting commentary here.

There was a recollection by W. Sturgeon on the web, of her and Ted watching the first moon landing -- this link now only available via the Wayback Machine/Internet Archive. W. writes to me, "Ted and I discussed this so often afterwards, it was very important to him."

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Picture above provided by A. Sturgeon, taken by W. Sturgeon.



Theodore Sturgeon was born Edward Hamilton Waldo on February 26, 1918, at Staten Island, New York. In 1927 his parents divorced, and in 1929 his mother remarried William Sturgeon; around this time Edward changed his name to Theodore because he liked the nickname "Ted". His first story, "Heavy Insurance," was sold in 1938 for five dollars to McClure's Syndicate for publication in newspapers. The sale of "The God in the Garden" to Unknown was his first published science fiction story. Sturgeon died on May 8, 1985.

His novel More Than Human won the International Fantasy Award. "Slow Sculpture" won both the Hugo and Nebula awards. He was posthumously awarded the Life Achievement Award at the World Fantasy Awards.

This information was gleaned from "Theodore Sturgeon" by Lucy Menger (1981), and from the introduction to "The Ultimate Egoist: volume I: The Complete Stories of Theodore Sturgeon" (1994). Menger's book is an inexpensive biography/discussion of Sturgeon's work. I found it in an overstock/used book store for $1.


Sturgeon's varied creations

(Sturgeon's work, including lists of his stories and non-written material.)


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This section only lists reviews posted on the web; for a complete listing of all reviews of Sturgeon's work, including print, see Wm F Seabrook's database of reviews of Sturgeon's work.


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