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Above four pictures provided by Andros Sturgeon; click on them for larger versions. The pictures were taken by W. Sturgeon. Andros writes, The pictures were taken about 1972 or so. Maybe '73. That was the place I grew up (the place that looks like a shack in the Ozarks). As far as I know, these pictures have never been published.

[pic of Ted 1] Ted loved doing new things and liked machines so once for his birthday I flew him, his wife and his son (Andros) to Catalina Island off the coast of Southern California. This picture is in the plane while we were flying over. We're flying in a single engine Piper Cherokee Arrow and Ted's sitting in the right front seat. The picture was taken from the back seat by his wife.

(Picture & caption provided by Rich Buhler, picture taken by W. Sturgeon)

W. Sturgeon adds: [W. Sturgeon] was an air personality on KFWB for eight years, introducing Ted to her friend Rich Buhler, who became a friend of the family. The plane ride to Catalina was a birthday gift from her to Ted, because he wanted to fly a plane, and Rich let him fly most of the way over and back.

See below or click here for a re-visioned version of this photograph.

[picture of Theodore
Sturgeon] I was an editor for KFWB news in Los Angeles. One night Ted decided to come down and try his hand at broadcast news writing. He spent about four or five hours cranking out stories and getting advice on whether they were good broadcast style and had a ball. He was quite proud when I put a couple of them into the newscasts and they went on the air. The man standing with him was one of our on-air news anchors, Mark Savan.

(Picture & caption provided by Rich Buhler; picture enhanced by the Webfarmer.)
Hal Clement (left) and Theodore Sturgeon at an autograph session. The woman in the background on the right is Jayne Sturgeon, Ted's last wife. This picture was taken by Peggy Ann Dolan at the '77 World Con. Thanks to the FANAC Fan History web pages, Joe Siclari, and Jack Weaver, for giving me permission to post this picture; thanks to Hart Williams for identifying Jayne. [picture of Ted Sturgeon]
[picture of Ted Sturgeon] Theodore Sturgeon at the '77 World Con (photo by Peggy Ann Dolan). Thanks to the FANAC Fan History web pages, Joe Siclari, and Jack Weaver, for giving me permission to post this picture.
[picture of Theodore Sturgeon] A young Ted, from Amazing Stories, Feb '63. Picture provided by Noel Sturgeon and Paul Angel.
[art of Theodore Sturgeon] One of the pictures above (from R. Buhler & W. Sturgeon) was spotted on this website by Clayton Laurence Cheek, who realized that Sturgeon was seeing something different than what the photo shows. He reinterpreted this picture using photoshop; a larger version is available (or also a still larger version).

The following two pictures are provided by AlienView -- they are artistically modified covers from two of Sturgeon's book covers.

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